Greetings everyone! All of us here at Menu Analytics are excited to bring you DITTY App completely free of charge!

The app is free to download and use, and it always will be!


Eventually, we hope to sell restaurants the ability to advertise discounts and special offers via the Deals section of the app.

Our development roadmap also includes cool features such as online ordering which will hopefully help us generate some revenue in the future.


That said, app development takes money, and we also have some annual operational costs to cover

--things like database access, website hosting, and domain registration.

You know...all that technical stuff.


So, if you think that DITTY App is something that you would like to support, we invite you to check out our Patreon page!

Your contribution, however large or small, will help us keep the lights on!

As thanks for your support, Patrons will be granted access to their own chat room on our Discord server.

This will give you priority access for communicating directly with the owners and developers on this project.

Any questions that you have will be promptly answered!