Our first goal is to provide restaurant-goers with a useful tool that helps them track their exploits and make better-informed decisions. If you’re taking the boss out to dinner, and you know he loves a good steak, you can pull out DITTY App and quickly find the best steak in town. Not the best steakhouse, mind you, the best steak! Some of the best food can be found in local “hole-in-the-wall” joints that just aren’t flashy enough to rate highly on Google or Yelp. Why eat mediocre food, in a flashy setting, when the most delicious offerings are hiding just around the corner?


Our second goal (and it’s a close second) is to provide restaurants with a way to see what their customers like and don’t like. Why rely on a paper survey or an online questionnaire, which probably won’t get filled out, when you can easily get up-to-date reviews from today’s customers, in a detailed and searchable format? Why pay thousands of dollars for a custom-built smartphone app, when you can communicate advertisements, coupons and daily specials to your customers with an affordable monthly subscription?


DITTY App is a powerful tool, but it doesn’t stop there. Menu Analytics isn’t just our company name, it’s a statement of our commitment to a growing field of study. As we grow and collect more data, we will be working on ways to provide restaurants with even more powerful tools to answer difficult questions. Are you wasting valuable menu space on items that won’t sell? Do customer preferences change throughout the year in a predictable way? Could you use that information to focus your marketing on items that will sell while simultaneously avoiding ingredient purchases for items that won’t translate into sales? These are questions that we will answer together.


At the end of the day, it’s all about giving customers a voice and sharing information that will improve taste, reduce waste and lower costs for restaurants and customers. Whoever you are, DITTY App is here for you!